Will Tomb Raider 6 Map Pack Get the Wii Deal of the Season?

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It appears new games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise are becoming more realistic. Is this realistic in terms of the gameplay, or fall into the gaming category of ‘artistic interpretation’? With the new PSP game being in production, Rockstar Games seems to have no problems with the next installment. Will there be a GTA 6?

Will there be a new entry in the long-running Grand Theft Auto series? Rockstar Games has always been very open about their future projects, such as how far ahead we will see the next geta series game. Are they teasing us with hints and teases so that we can look forward to an exciting new entry sometime in the future? Is the next to the ultimate theft auto game? One thing for sure is that there has been no shortage of hype surrounding the possibility of a new data entry in the past several years, but what about the release date?

There was a report a while back that the next geta game would be arriving sometime in 2021, but now the release date has been shifted to 2021. Is this another mistake by the game makers? Two years is too long to wait for a game that we already expect to be perfect, and judging by previous announcements, and we should see many new features come to the table in these next two years. If Rockstar cannot live up to their previous releases, they might as well call it a day. But with a new RPG in the works, there should not be a problem, as they always come up with the best stories and characters to integrate into the grand scheme of things.

So how long ago did they say the next data entry would be out? The rumor going around is that it will be hitting stores right around the same time as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown. Could this be another red-dead redemption surprise?

It would certainly seem so, especially seeing how the new entries in the grand theft auto series always more gameplay and feature have added than the previous games’ previous games. In the latter case, it is almost like a game and a movie, where the story is told from the character’s point of view. It makes for a very interactive experience, as you get to learn more about the characters, their back-story, and the secrets behind their crimes. The introduction of the rumor suggests that the new storyline will be centered on Vice City. Could this mean a return of some long-lost stories, or will we finally see the origin story of one of the bad guys?

The fact remains that we do not know much about the storyline of the new entries, but one thing is sure: it will most likely feature the return of some old characters, like Tiny Tiger and Bully. There are other characters too, who have been left out of the main story of the first two games in the series, and we shall see who gets to stay and who gets to go when the dust settles after the final battle in Vice City. So, the question remains: when will we get our precious six months of Wii consoles and Xbox 360 consoles? It is hard to say but judging by the games that have been released so far; there is no rush!

In a recent interview with Gazebo, one of the lead designers of the game, Christian Bermudas, was asked about the rumor, and he did not have anything positive to say about it at all. “No comment,” he said when asked if there will be any additional content added to the game to accommodate the rumor. As usual, we shall have to wait and see what they come up with! It is a little disappointing that we will still not see any expansion for Tomb Raider Anniversary after six years. I guess we can expect something new for 2021, though, as Universal Interactive will hopefully release another map in time for the next installment of Tomb Raider.

This leads me to my final thought on this topic, and that is the rumor I heard that there would be another tomb raider game set in the series, and we may even see the return of Tiny Tiger, Bully, and maybe even Tiny Tina in the future. Will this be enough to make up for the departure of the famous characters? Who knows? If I had to predict the end, I would say that we will probably see more of Tomb Raider Anniversary and possibly the first part of the second game before anything else. However, the first game was a huge success, and many people are waiting for its sequel, which should be out next year, to be even better!

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