What Are Some Good Wii Console Games?

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The Android Market is jam-packed with hundreds of games. How do you sort out the gems from the random arcade downloads and top tournaments from mediocre touchscreen experiences? With categories, that’s how! We’ll cover all the best games on Android right now, ranging from the absolute best action/adventure games, puzzling games, arcade games, and so much more.

Road Games: the road is a very simple but addictive little game available as a free download from the Google Play Store. It involves little more than rotating the camera to shoot little green robotic creatures. Aiming the camera at the animals means they run into trouble and fall. If you’ve ever played a game where you aim a gun at an enemy and then shoot them without letting them get to you, this is a version of that.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: This is one of the best mobile devices. Link is required to wander through the world looking for items dropped by enemies and chests containing items needed to complete quests before ultimately reaching Hyrule (the goal). The link must jump, carry potions, use weapons, and use magic to battle enemies and solve puzzles while collecting hearts to collect more hearts and ultimately complete the game. It’s not quite as challenging as the original version, but it’s still a fantastic game and quite addictive. I’ve saved it to my phone’s memory card since I’m pretty sure I’ll never play it again.

Metro City dwellers: It takes place in Metro City’s metropolis, a place where crime and murder run rampant. The protagonist, a rookie cop, arrives on an apparent murder scene and immediately starts to crack several high-level bank robbery schemes. The story is very twisted, and even if you haven’t played the first game, you’ll find this one fascinating. There’s also a mini-Metro City video, which you can view if you’re not playing the game.

Street racing games are probably my favorite category. They’re free, and the variety is wide, from indoors to out-of-doors tracks to tunnels you can drive your car through. They’re a fantastic stress buster, and you can find many different versions online, like the F-14. One of the most incredible things about these kinds of games is that they allow you to express yourself in a new way, they keep you busy, and they challenge your reflexes. If you have trouble with your reflexes, these types of games are perfect for you.

Another free popular adventure game is Death Road. You control a small character and travel through a small town, killing all the zombies. This is the second game in the series, so it’s worth checking out the first one before jumping into the second. A little game development that adds some interest. The graphics are a bit clunky at times, but you’ll find this game challenging from start to finish.

Finally, I want to mention Pagoda Mountain. This is a brand-new game from Korea, and it is a very cool hidden object adventure game where you must find all the gods and artifacts within a specific time limit. It’s very similar to the early editions of Temple of Elemental Evil, but here you must solve puzzles instead of fighting demons and dragons. The first game was quite simply amazing, and if you like these types of games, this one is worth checking out. One of the highlights of the Wii console!

I hope this article has given you a few good ideas on what you can get your hands on when you head to the stores. There are thousands of games for you to play, which means you should never have trouble finding something you’ll enjoy playing. Just remember, sometimes the cheaper games are not always better, so be careful. You can pick up some great fun for a reasonable price with a little research.

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