Free Games Is the Best Way to Pass the Time

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Mobile games are gaining popularity day by day. Most-played mobile games have more than a million hits. What makes them so popular? To start with, they are accessible for free. In other words, everyone can play them without paying anything.

Which is the No-one most downloaded mobile game in the world? It’s none other than Royalty-Free Games. It has millions of downloads and continues to grow. The most-played game on a mobile platform is Candy crush. It has almost 60% share of the total mobile gaming market in the United States alone. This means a vast number of users love to play it every day.

Another hit is called Linea I and II. Linea I and II have also reached the top of the rankings of the most-played apps in iTunes. This app allows players to train their characters. Now, it is the second most downloaded app on iTunes. It can be played free, and you can unlock more levels as your money gets more significant.

For those who love to play strategy games, try to download Pub Mobile. It has been rated the best strategy game in the Play Store. Players can enjoy building their soldiers, vehicles and pillaging the enemy base. Pub Mobile includes a large assortment of multiplayer games such as troop Wars, Escalation, Guards, Crown Colony, Flank, Frontlines, Invasion, Reclamation, and Tanks.

Users highly recommend racing games. They are available for free, and you can purchase real-time racing games. The list is pervasive. The most-played racing games in iTunes include rally racing, super Mario online, super Mario live, kart racing, Nasar street racing, super Nasar race live, rally racing two, and many more. Numerous video games can be played on your android phones.

Pokémon has more than a million downloads. Several websites allow the player count to increase if he wants to download Pokémon games for free due to its popularity. There are various ways in which the player can choose from. First, one can choose from the open, common contests, and then the player can increase his/her common count. There are several ways to improve the player count.

The upcoming game Pokémon Go is going to be the most-played mobile game of all time. The developers at Pokémon have worked hard to make the game as exciting as possible. If you are looking for something exciting, then you should download Pokémon Go to play it. It will not only give you a fantastic sense of excitement but will also provide you with a healthy dose of exercise.

Another game that is expected to gain maximum attention this year is Bota Bheema. The game is based on a beautiful story of a young girl who falls in love with a boy. However, things change when she realizes that the boy is from a different planet. In this game, the player will have to help the girl fulfill her dreams by searching the other solar system planets. Several animation house companies are already working on this franchise’s projects, and one of them is the chute beam mobile games development studio.

Bota Bheema is expecting to be the most-downloaded game this year. It has several features that are attracting its players. The first and foremost feature is its fantastic interface, which is sure to draw several players’ attention. The game is being developed by an international team of experts responsible for the different graphical elements. Besides, various other exciting features are also in the pipeline, and one of these is downloading the game onto multiple mobiles like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.

Another fascinating game that is expected to enter the future of video games is called Indian Paladin. This game will allow the players to build a team of warriors and participate in the battlefield. The players can interact with the locals of India as well as the neighboring countries. The developers at the chute beam mobile games development studio believe that this game will attract a large audience from different society sections.

The popular free android games of the year are Abalone, Aquarius, Backgammon, Calculator, Candyland, Dr. Slice, Fierce Fight, Halloween, Ice Cream, King of the Hill, Lost Page, Moai Nami, Paper Towns, Pokémon Go, Rooster Tail, South Park, Super Crate Box, Sudoku, Tetris, Uno and more. These games can be downloaded directly from the Android marketplace, and they can be enjoyed on any compatible smartphone. Moreover, they can be played on tablets too. If you have the latest handset in the market or want to save some money, then free android games are the best option.

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