Why Are Franchises So Important?

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With Train Jam’s phenomenal success, which wrapped up earlier this year, it’s easy to see why people are trying to get into the games business. However, making a name for yourself in the industry is not as easy as it looks. Many people fail for several reasons. It’s critical to identify what drives you to make games, whether it’s because of the love of gaming or the need to challenge oneself. For more information on how to become successful in the games industry, we’ve compiled a list of traits that all good game developers have.

Creative streak You don’t have to be the next Mario or Zelda to have an innovative line. People have created games that millions of people enjoy. Those who didn’t experience anything from it probably never will. For example, Epic Games made the popular multiplayer game Day, which millions of people are now played around the world. That’s just one example of a game that someone with a creative streak did not develop, but it’s clear that the game was created by someone with a flair for creating games that many enjoy today.

Technical expertise A great majority of those involved in the development of video games have technical knowledge. Whether it’s creating new contests or improving existing ones, most of those involved have vast computer knowledge. Some of those involved might even have programming experience, which is evident with the popularity of games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. If you have a strong interest in computer technology and would like to develop games, you can pursue a career as a programmer.

Marketing knowledge Most people have at least some marketing knowledge. If you don’t, now is your chance. Marketing is the lifeblood of any video games business. Many successful video game franchises were started as small companies with one executive director and thousands of other people working on the projects. To be successful, a franchisee needs constant marketing to stay alive.

Creative streak There aren’t many companies these days that don’t have a tremendous innovative bar. Just look at all the successful Wii releases over the last few years. Every single one of those games has been revolutionary and will go down as some of the best-selling video games of all time. If you’re interested in gaming design, you have the chance to create a franchise that will be around for decades. Creating a hit game requires a tremendous amount of creativity, which is a trait shared by many of today’s top franchises.

Money is the key; believe it or not, money is the number one key to success within the world of video game franchises. Even the smallest franchise, Wii, has a budget compared to the most successful movie or franchise released in recent history. As a result, franchises are more expensive than they used to be. For example, EA has been releasing new installments of popular games like Need for Speed and Sims within the past year or two. The reason why is because it will make more money for them if it’s done right. They can also guarantee sales with special deals and discounts.

Leaps and bounds Not only are the sales great, but the technology that is now being used to develop these games is unbelievable. It’s much harder to get your idea across with just text when you can now use 3D animation, sound effects, and much more. If you have an idea for a new franchise and it hasn’t been sold yet, now is the time to start. The future of gaming is fantastic, and it looks like all of us will be living at the end of gaming.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why a franchise makes sense today. It provides a proven method for selling a product that works. Many other companies have tried to follow this same formula and failed miserably. I’m sure there will be a few other examples of a video game ever made as well.

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