Best Free Android Games for You to Play

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Games have always been a part of our lives. They are fun, exciting, and relieve stress from our hectic routine. Games provide an avenue for socialization and communication. But how do I get unlimited money in Cafe press?

You may think that playing games at cafes are only for kids, but I have noticed that more adults are becoming fond of playing games. Nowadays, more people are getting fascinated with the world of cooking and restaurant games. Let’s take a closer look at these activities.

Cafe Fever: This is one of the most famous cooking and restaurant games that many people loved to playback then. Here, you are going to a cafe, and there are many people lined up in the aisles just waiting for you to start cooking and serving delicious dishes to them. The point of this game is to serve the customers the best dishes they have ever tasted.

The game screen consists of several pans and a timer. When the timer has reached zero, the game is over, and you have won. You will also receive money for every customer that you can cook for. However, if you manage to finish all the customers in one day, you will earn more cash!

Cafe Memories: It’s another popular cooking game where you must help the chef complete the most orders possible while decorating the kitchen and making sure no fires are started. The order of the menu must be completed accurately and correctly. You will also be required to make coffee for the celebrities and distribute snacks and drinks to them. The objective of this game is to cook the best dishes and earn money while doing it.

World Kitchen: Create your restaurant in this cooking adventure. Start with just a few items in the kitchen and buy other things as you go along. There are different restaurants available, including fast-food chains, pizza chains, and Chinese food chains. This game’s objective is to become the owner of a world-famous restaurant and create a beautiful future for yourself.

Crocodile Lake: If you love playing games where you need to save the game as soon as possible, then this game is perfect for you. In this mod, you can purchase new boats and purchase crates to start trading in the market. There are many challenges as well as achievements to achieve in this mod. With the help of the right strategies, you can build up your own world-class fishing business where you can catch the fish of your dreams and sell them for healthy profits.

The author of this mod, Alex Pippen, has made several improvements to his original version. The ask version also comes with new features such as a high score list, online players search, game stats, leader boards, and much more. This mod has become very popular with people who like to play free games on their computers. To download the latest version and have maximum fun, visit the official Facebook page of Cafe World.

Cafe World: Another fascinating mod is where you can become a successful chef in any of the world’s restaurants using only your chef suit and your will. You can find many people eating in restaurants worldwide and can earn money by providing them with the best service. To become a top chef, you need to learn the different techniques and recipes required to serve food excellently. In this mod, you can discover many secrets and tips from famous chefs so that you can create great meals using quality ingredients. The ask version enables you to choose between the different types of recipes.

Another famous Cafe World game is where you need to create, manage, and run your cafe. This version lets you manage all aspects of the business. You can add furniture, purchase supplies, and make delicious meals for your customers at the comfort of your home. As you progress through the levels, you will be offered unlimited money, special discounts, and invitations from the boss of your cafe. You can also buy gadgets and equipment’s so that your kitchen looks attractive and impressive.

Sims Medieval: This is another fantastic simulation game on the google play store. You can play a medieval version of yourself and use medieval tools to help you run the kingdom. You can build houses, buy lands, and fight battles to defeat other players. If you want to purchase items, you can use the mod ask to purchase these items for free and have unlimited money to buy more stuff.

Coffee Shop Builder: Creating a successful business is not an easy task. But thanks to the simulation game ‘Coffees Shop Builder’, you can make your coffee shop in the most beautiful future environment. You can invite other people from faraway lands and make the best coffee that the town needs. The users can adjust the coffee shop’s size according to their needs so that the game becomes more interesting.

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